About Us


About Us

PCNTech – our name, represents the three friends who founded the business; Peter, Charles, and Nathan.

Together they built a wholesale and retail business of automotive parts. Eventually branching out into auto accessories, new and used tyres, and automotive repairs. Since 1996, we’ve expanded with additional stores in Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide, all with the same can-do attitude, experience, and enthusiasm. Our well established sales team and distribution network across Australia means you can get the best service and deal wherever you go. Falken, Dunlop, Continental, Toyo, and Bridgestone Tires. To build on the growth of our business, we have expanded to offer truck, and Off The Road (OTR) tyres, servicing, and management for the commercial sectors.


If you are interested in joining the PCNTech family in your local area, we offer a franchising model to help you grow your business. We are currently looking to grow the retail and commercial chain around Australia. We are extending this fantastic opportunity out to motivated individuals who are looking to run and operate their very own PCNTech outlet.

 By joining PCNTech, you’ll get a strong network and well-recognised brand, and a superior marketing programme to support you in your endeavours. In addition, there is already an in-place supply chain, systems support, and ready to hit the floor running processes so you can start succeeding faster. Head over to our contact us page to register your interest or get more information.


2/5 Cobbler Pl, Mirrabooka WA 6061 | Phone +61 8 9344 5555

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