The action-espionage game stands as the closest experience fans will have to a new Metal Gear title under Hideo Kojima’s leadership.

At Sony’s PlayStation State of Play event last month, Hideo Kojima unveiled his latest project, an “action-espionage game” named Physint. Drawing parallels to his renowned creation, Metal Gear, Kojima describes Physint as an exploration of the stealth genre taken to its extremes.

In a recent episode of the YouTube series HideoTube — marking its first installment in seven years — Kojima reveals that persistent requests from Metal Gear fans for a new installment in that vein, combined with a health scare in 2020, influenced his decision to delve back into the action-espionage genre. This pivotal moment led him to embark on a third development endeavor.

Describing Physint as a fusion of gaming and cinematic experiences, Kojima unveiled the game at the Sony Pictures lot, emphasizing its dual nature. While foremost a game, Kojima notes that the immersive qualities of Physint may even blur the lines between gaming and cinematic narratives, suggesting that observers might mistake gameplay for a movie viewing experience.

Reflecting on his creative journey, Kojima shares his motivation for returning to the genre: “After becoming independent, I aimed to explore new avenues with my own intellectual property. This endeavor began with the creation of Death Stranding, followed by Death Stranding 2 to establish a franchise. Seeking further innovation, I initiated work on OD. Throughout this process, numerous new concepts emerged. However, for the past eight years, global users on social media have persistently clamored for another Metal Gear installment and similar projects.”

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kojima faced a significant health setback, leading to a surgery for his condition. Reflecting on this trying time, Kojima reveals that he reached a nadir and contemplated departing from the realm of game development. His condition was grave enough to prompt him to draft his will.

Confronting the stark reality of mortality, Kojima experienced a profound realization: despite the uncertainty of life, he had recently turned 60 and anticipated reaching 70 in a decade’s time. He expressed his desire to continue his creative journey without retirement. However, acknowledging the fervent wishes of his audience, Kojima recognized the need to recalibrate his priorities. While he remains committed to innovation and exploration, he opted to respond to the resounding demand by focusing his efforts on crafting an action-espionage game.

Kojima also acknowledged the allure of Hollywood and the prospect of delving into filmmaking, an endeavor he’s already embarked on with production company A24. However, he noted that his commitments at Kojima Productions render such a pursuit unfeasible. Despite this, Kojima sought counsel from his collaborator and renowned film director Guillermo del Toro.

Recalling their conversation regarding the creation of Physint, Kojima shared del Toro’s reassuring words: “Hideo, what you’re making is already a movie. Keep going as you are.” This advice proved to be a lifeline for Kojima, reaffirming his creative direction. With plans to collaborate with numerous industry creators, Kojima envisions an amalgamation of gaming and cinematic elements in Physint’s output, blurring the boundaries between the two mediums.

Physint was unveiled in January as a “brand-new original IP,” promising to revolutionize the action-espionage genre with cutting-edge technology and a stellar cast. According to Kojima Productions, the game aims to blur the lines between film and gaming, offering an unparalleled immersive experience with near lifelike graphics and innovative interactive elements.

Despite the ambitious vision, Physint appears to be still in its early stages of development. With Kojima Productions committed to delivering Death Stranding 2: On the Beach in 2025 and OD at a later date, it may be several years before Physint sees the light of day. This timeline suggests that fans might not experience Kojima’s return to espionage-action until the era of PlayStation 6.

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