It utilizes RFID technology to automatically adjust settings based on the recognition of each attached accessory.

Dyson’s iconic Supersonic hair dryer, a fixture since its 2016 debut, underwent a surprising transformation with the introduction of a new model at New York Fashion Week. The “Supersonic r” presents a radical departure in design, taking on a tube shape that surpasses its predecessor in size while significantly reducing weight to just 325g (approximately 11.5 ounces). This is almost half the weight of the original Supersonic, which hairstylists found cumbersome for prolonged use.

The remarkable reduction in weight and size can be attributed to a redesign of the heating elements. The new model features a streamlined structure with a bend at the end of the shaft, resembling a lowercase “r” and inspiring its name. The incorporation of miniaturized heating grills, composed of 99.9% copper microfins arranged along the curve of the tube, ensures even and precise heating of the high-pressure airflow through intelligent heat control. This innovation aims to enhance hair shine while minimizing the risk of heat damage, strategically preventing the formation of hot spots that could adversely affect the hair.

The controls for the three precise airflow settings and four heat modes, including a continuous cold shot, are conveniently located for quick adjustments with just a thumb click. The handle’s bottom now features an air inlet with a more durable depth-loaded filter, effectively capturing common air pollutants found in hair salons.

Beyond the upgraded Hyperdymium motor in the handle, the Supersonic r is equipped with an RFID sensor that identifies its magnetic accessories: diffuser, flyaway attachment, wide-tooth comb, pro concentrator, and a new powerful air attachment. This innovative feature enables the hair dryer to automatically adapt the motor and heater settings to provide optimal airflow and temperature tailored to the specific purpose. For instance, the diffuser setting is configured for low flow and low temperature, reducing frizz and enhancing curls. Each attachment is capable of storing customized settings for future use, offering a personalized and efficient experience.

The Dyson Supersonic r comes with a price tag of $570, primarily targeting professionals at the moment. For the general public, obtaining one may require exploring alternative avenues. However, if you’re a hairstylist based in the US with a valid cosmetology license, you have the option to join the waitlist. Salons can secure a Supersonic r as early as April, providing licensed professionals with the opportunity to access this advanced hair dryer.

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