In conjunction with the introduction of the “Dragon’s Gift” update in Dota 2, the developers revealed a new significant patch named “Fallen Crown.” In this update, there is speculation that the previously unveiled hero, Ring Master, could potentially make an appearance. This announcement was officially communicated on the Dota 2 website by the developers.

We’re hard at work on an upcoming update we’re calling “Crownfall”, and we’re excited to get it finished so you can see what we’ve been working on. We looked at a calendar and noticed it had been more than a few weeks since the Frostivus update, and we didn’t want to make you wait until Crownfall before you got any new content. Luckily, the calendar gods came through with another holiday just in time: Happy Lunar New Year!

People who are born in the Year of the Dragon are known for their generosity, prosperity and good luck. Must be nice. For those of us who don’t have a magical dragon granting us gift-giving super powers, we’ve introduced red enveloped-themed Dragon’s Gift, available from now through March 7th. These work exactly how they’re named: treasures that can only be given, and opened by whoever you choose as the recipient.

And for those of you who would rather not wait around on the generosity of others, we’ve got traditional Dragon’s Hoard treasures as well. Each treasure or gift contains one of 17 new Lunar New Year-themed cosmetic sets, and a bonus chance for a Dragon’s Gift or new unusual effect.

Lastly, every treasure (and gift) has a chance to contain The Ancient Dragon King, the first ever cosmetic for your Ancient, with unique Dire and Radiant styles. Now you’ll finally have a chance to adorn your ancient with a mythical dragon, just like, presumably, you’ve always wanted. Plus, if anyone in your match has one, everyone can see it.

In keeping with this “spirit of giving” theme, we have another gift for (almost) everyone: We’ve rolled out some new cheat detection code. Well, actually, we rolled it out a few weeks back, and we’ve spent the time since accumulating quite the set of cheaters. You’ll probably notice fewer of them in your games as the automated ban waves roll out.

Valve has not provided a specific release date for the upcoming update, but it is evident that it won’t occur before March 7. This is because the ongoing festive celebration for the Chinese New Year is scheduled to continue until that date.

It’s worth mentioning that the latest addition to the Dota 2 hero roster, Muerta, was unveiled on March 7. However, it is uncertain whether Valve will stick to the same date for the introduction of Ring Master or decide on an alternative date for the update featuring the new hero.

Just a reminder, Dota 2 recently received an additional festive treasure along with the “Dragon’s Gift” holiday event.

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